Autumn Season Filmmaker Interviews

Autumn Season 2016 welcomes a new series of interviews and clips from the filmmakers featuring in our programme. 

Audition / Dir. Lovisa Sirén
Gender roles are challenged as a group of male actors are asked by a female director to do things they may not be comfortable with.

About the director
In 2012 Lovisa graduated from The Art School in Stockholm. Her debut film HIMALAYA was her first short film and won the best film award and was awarded for best sound at the November Festival in Trollhättan 2013. Her film PUSSY HAVE THE POWER won the Best Swedish Short Award at Göteborg IFF 2014. Her short AUDITION will premiere at Göteborg IFF 2015.

What advice do you have for filmmakers just starting out?
My advice is to make it as easy for yourself as you can, don’t make it too big. The film can still be complex within those easy boundaries. Do as much as you can on your own. And then just do it.

How much did your experience within the industry influence your idea for Audition?
I've met famous actors behaving arrogant at auditions, and I´ve heard a lot of stories from actors who have been pushed to do really humiliating stuff by directors at auditions. So the film is a bit based on my experiences, but it´s more my curiosity on ”what would happen if…"

The style feels almost documentarian and really compliments Audition. This seems to be a thread that runs through your work. What draws you to this style of filmmaking?
I like films that feel authentic. So I guess that´s what I´m striving for, to make films that feel real to me. 

See Audition, directed by Lovisa Sirén as part of our Autumn Season, showing from September 1st - December 1st all around the world. Find a screening near you or host one yourself.