Filmmakers' Voices with Mea Dols de Jong

If Mamma Ain't Happy, Nobody's Happy / dir. Mea Dols de Jong
A mysterious pattern emerges as a mother and daughter explore the history of women in their family. 

About the Director
Mea studied Philosophy and Physics before turning to the world of documentary filmmaking. Mea’s graduation film If Mama Ain't Happy, Nobody's Happy had its international premiere at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).

What advice do you have for filmmakers just starting out?
I guess just be kind to yourself. Try to find out what your style is and be okay if you fail very hard in the beginning. There’s a great speech of Ira Glass where he speaks about the gap in taste. ( Take this to heart and just keep going.

A year further on, has making this documentary affected your understanding of your family and relationships?
The film certainly affected a lot. The most positive thing that came out of it was that I learned to laugh about my mother. Making a film about here forced me to look at her with the eyes of an audience instead of a daughter. I learned that a lot of stuff that was annoying to me as a daughter actually was pretty funny if you look at it another way. That’s an advice I would give everybody who recognizes getting irritated by your mom and feeling guilty about it. Try to laugh about it. For me learning that was actually growing up. Not being a daughter but also an individual who can look at things from a broader perspective.


See If Mamma Ain't Happy, Nobody's Happy directed by Mea Dols de Jong as part of our Autumn Season, showing from September 1st - December 1st all around the world. Find a screening near you or host one yourself. 


I May Be Some Time | Future Shorts

I May Be Some Time dir. Ana Stefaniakis now available to watch on our YouTube channel. 

In this charming animation, an old, grump man named Lawrence reflects on his life, embarking on a journey to confront his inner self. Throughout his journey, he travels back through his life, ending his journey as a child. 

Ana made this animation as her graduation piece from the Royal College of Art. See more of her work here.

Filmmakers' Voices with Noël Loozen

Spoetnik / Dir. Noël Loozen
Sam crashes his bike by Giles' famous food-truck in No Man's Land. As Sam is put to work in the truck, he is struck by a dazzling beauty across the road. 

About the director
The magic of Noël is that his concepts tend to be pretty simple but truly ingenious, adding meaning and just a hint of irony to his films. 

See Spoetnik, directed by Noël Loozen as part of our Autumn Season, showing from September 1st- December 1st all around the world. Find a screening near you or host one yourself. 

Points of Origin | Future Shorts YouTube

Points of Origin dir. Anya Leta is now available to watch on our YouTube channel. 

In this touching short, starring Ankur Vikal (Slumdog Millionaire) and Tessa Thompson (Veronica Mars), an American radio host and his wife struggle to maintain their relationship through the tribulations of an outsourced pregnancy in India. 

For New Yorkers RJ and Rosemary, surrogacy is their last chance to have a family. The travel to Mumbai where the pressures of their situation bring up surprising revelations about each other, leaving them vulnerable as they face one of the most important experiences of their lives. 

Nominated for 2014 HP "Bridging The Borders Award" at Palm Springs ShortFest:
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WINNER Best Short Screenplay at Rhode Island International Film Festival

Filmmakers' Voices with Lamin Oo

The Special One / Dir. Lamin Oo
San Pya fish market in Yangon is a noisy, smelly and busy place. For a local fishmonger Myint Lwin, there is only one thing that gets him through the grinds of his day: football.

About the director
Lamin Oo, born and raised in Myanmar, has dedicated himself to documentary filmmaking since 2013. He has been working together with other local and international filmmakers on an array of stories about Myanmar as producer, director and editor. Many of his works have won awards locally and internationally. 

See The Special One, directed by Lamin Oo as part of our Autumn Season, showing from September 1st - December 1st all around the world. Find a screening near you or host one yourself. 

Filmmakers' Voices with Réka Bucsi

Love / Dir. Réka Bucsi
Creatures on a distant solar system explore the meaning of love in three parts.

About the director
Réka Bucsi, born in 1988, is a Hungarian independent animation filmmaker. She attended MOME in Budapest and her graduation film Symphony no. 42 was selected to 64th Official Shorts Competition at Berlinale. 

See Love, directed by  Réka Bucsi as part of our Autumn Season, showing from September 1st-December 1st all around the world. Find a screening near you or host one yourself. 

Autumn Season Filmmaker Interviews

Autumn Season 2016 welcomes a new series of interviews and clips from the filmmakers featuring in our programme. 

Audition / Dir. Lovisa Sirén
Gender roles are challenged as a group of male actors are asked by a female director to do things they may not be comfortable with.

About the director
In 2012 Lovisa graduated from The Art School in Stockholm. Her debut film HIMALAYA was her first short film and won the best film award and was awarded for best sound at the November Festival in Trollhättan 2013. Her film PUSSY HAVE THE POWER won the Best Swedish Short Award at Göteborg IFF 2014. Her short AUDITION will premiere at Göteborg IFF 2015.

What advice do you have for filmmakers just starting out?
My advice is to make it as easy for yourself as you can, don’t make it too big. The film can still be complex within those easy boundaries. Do as much as you can on your own. And then just do it.

How much did your experience within the industry influence your idea for Audition?
I've met famous actors behaving arrogant at auditions, and I´ve heard a lot of stories from actors who have been pushed to do really humiliating stuff by directors at auditions. So the film is a bit based on my experiences, but it´s more my curiosity on ”what would happen if…"

The style feels almost documentarian and really compliments Audition. This seems to be a thread that runs through your work. What draws you to this style of filmmaking?
I like films that feel authentic. So I guess that´s what I´m striving for, to make films that feel real to me. 

See Audition, directed by Lovisa Sirén as part of our Autumn Season, showing from September 1st - December 1st all around the world. Find a screening near you or host one yourself.

Piirongin Piiloissa | Future Shorts

What is there for a chest to do when a little mischievous guest messes up her drawers?

Piirongin Piiloissa, dir. Sanni Lahtinen's graduate film from Turku Arts Acadmeny is now available on our YouTube channel. Catch the charming short here.


Best Film (Istanbul Animation Festival 2011)
Best Graduation Film (Cortoons Festival 2012)
Special Mention (Be There! Animation Festival 2012)





Maze | Future Shorts

Maze Dir. Eve McConnachie is now available on our YouTube channel. Visit the channel here for more great short film content. 

Scottish Ballet dancers Madeline Squire and Javier Andreu discover each other as they explore a labyrinthine derelict Glaswegian swimming pool. A high-energy piece choreographed by Sophie Laplane, with music by British-born, Boston-based electro musician John Xela.

Submit your own film for consideration here. 

Future Shorts Summer Season 2016 Launch

Future Shorts Summer 2016 has launched and is now screening across the world, from Baku to Berlin.

Find a night or make one happen.


Ogasavara dir. Vakhtang Kotetishvili
(International Film Festival Rotterdam - IFFR)

The Reflection Of Power dir. Mihai Grecu
(Special Jury, Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival)

Partner (Replique) dir. Antoine Giorgini
(Prix Égalité et Diversité, Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival)

Things Used to be Hidden dir. Tara Mercedes Wood

Hotel 22 dir. Elizabeth Lo
(Cannes Lions 2016)

Floridada // Animal Collective

Ave Maria (2015 film) dir. Basil Khalil
(88th Academy AwardsFestival de Cannes - Page Officielle)

Oustaz dir. Bentley Brown
(Berlin International Film Festival)



This Summer, an amazing programme of shorts will be coming to a UK festival near you.

As part of a collaboration with Somesuch, Future Shorts presents: Somesuch X Future Shorts, taking dreamers on a journey from the strip clubs of Atlanta, to the underground garage scene in London, exposing the culture and energy behind some of the most influential music scenes this decade.

Find us this weekend at Gottwood Festival. Also, BrainchildWilderness FestivalEnd Of The Road FestivalSoho House & Co and more to be announced.


RADICAL HARDCORE // Dir. Dear Mr. Quistgaard
LONDON ON A REGULAR // Dir. Rollo Jackson
ATLANTA DREAM$ // Dir. Tyrone Lebon
LORDS OF DETROIT // Dir. Bob Harlow
THAT B.E.A.T // Dir. Abteen Bagheri
BRANDY & COKE // Dir. Ewen Spencer
B.L.O.T. 2012 // George Belfield

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