Set up your own Future Shorts night.
Wherever you are, the process is simple.

Future Shorts is powered by a worldwide community of screening partners. Every screening partner is responsible for organising their own event – which includes arranging a venue, projection equipment and promoting the event. Partners may charge for tickets to generate their own profit but please remember that this is foremost a community project. Most Future Shorts organisers work with their local community to incorporate music, art, spoken word and food into their events. We provide a guide to give you some ideas for your screening.

Each quarterly season you are able to buy a license to screen our carefully curated programme of short films, this entitles you to host one screening of the Season and comes in different price brackets according to the capacity of your venue. You will also be provided with a media kit and assets to help you brand and promote your event.

Previous screenings have taken place in warehouses, clubs, beach bars, town halls and music festivals. All you need is a projector and a space. Be adventurous. With the support of the Future Shorts community, promoting your event through Social Media channels is easy.

If you would like to organise a screening for an audience over 250 people, please get in contact here

Once you have become a Future Shorts screening partner, you have the opportunity to become a Pro Partner. This means you manage the Future Shorts network in your region. To find out more about becoming a Pro Partner, send an email to

Our current Pro Partners are in Poland, Russia, Spain and Finland, so if you are interested in hosting a screening in one of these countries please email to enquire.